our courses

Since the College – then Faculty – established its own examinations there have been a number of developmental changes. These have required us to be flexible both in the types of support and courses we provide and also the content of each one. In the past for example we have successfully delivered a series of academic and management study days with practice examinations. Future developments may include other components of the examinations.

Each course we run, whether it be for membership or fellowship level, is a whole day long. They usually take place two to four weeks prior to the sitting of each diet of the exam. This gives you time to put into practice the techniques that we teach and put you into the best position for passing. We expect candidates to turn up in full “exam mode” and be prepared to work hard at what are very intense days.

So that we can provide a maximum coach:candidate ratio of 1:4 (more usually 1:3) the number of candidates on each course is strictly limited. Candidates will receive personalised tuition throughout the day by all of the tutors – this tuition is based upon the candidate’s performance.

For each course you will be provided with some written materials however these are  “hands on” events with an emphasis on doing rather than reading. Any score sheets that are generated by you will be collated by us and handed to you at the end of the day once you have completed feedback about the day.